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Emma Nygren


Emma Nygren is a founding member of Alkali Fintech, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor which sponsors ZGEN. She focuses on research and marketing. Emma performs research and analysis on potential portfolio companies with a specialization in the EV industry. In addition, Emma oversees Alkali’s marketing activities as the social media Community Manager where she seeks to increase financial education and awareness among Generation Z. Emma has 3 years of investment experience.


She also started her own sustainable jewelry business and was selected among the top innovators at the UK Young Enterprise Competition. She also won an award for her marketing scheme. Emma has volunteered for the elderly in her community and taught English to preschool children. She raised £1,000s in her Cookies Against Covid initiative, where she baked, sold, and distributed cookies to support the NHS during the pandemic. 


Emma is Swedish-Danish and grew up in London, and speaks five languages. She has captained teams in gymnastics, netball, and baseball. Emma attends Northeastern University, where she studies Communications and Marketing. Emma loves cooking, baking, and participating in sports. 

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