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Eitan Prins-Trachtenberg is the co-founder of The Generation Z exchange-traded fund (NASDAQ: ZGEN) and Alkali Fintech LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor which sponsors ZGEN.  Eitan focuses on portfolio data management, research, and technology. Eitan has studied advanced mathematics, including multivariable calculus. Eitan has four years of investing experience. He is also studying economics at Dartmouth. 


Eitan is also an entrepreneur who seeks to drive meaningful change through his projects. He won the Los Angeles Teen Tech Hackathon for creating a prototype headset that utilized color sensors to allow quadriplegic people to play video games. He also created an app that enables schools to digitize the food purchasing process in their cafeterias, making the cafeteria process more secure and efficient. In addition, Eitan started a nonpartisan political advocacy organization that has successfully registered and pre-registered thousands of new voters across 14 states. 


He lives in Los Angeles, California, and loves to sail, play soccer, and eat at Chipotle.

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