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The GenZ Score

Our GenZ Score is unique in that it has many meanings, and when our customers read about it, they can discern their own interpretation of its meaning while still understanding its purpose. We have listed the meanings of our score below:

GenZ as in "Generations" - Our fund aims to aid in a significant development in the financial markets known as the Great Wealth Transfer. The Great Wealth Transfer is the transfer of $65 trillion from Baby Boomers and Generation X to their children and grandchildren. However, there is a large discrepancy between how the old and new generations like to invest. The older tends to be very conservative and employ financial advisors. Younger generations tend to invest aggressively and systemically oppose the use of financial advisors. Our fund seeks to close this gap. We have created an ETF that bridges the differences between these two age cohorts. Consequently, our methodology for grading companies in our portfolio is called GenZ. It is, in our opinion, a clever name that encompasses: 

  1. Our focus on this multi-generational transfer of wealth

  2. Generation Z, the beneficiary of The Great Wealth transfer

  3. A play on the pluralization of the word generation. We use a Z instead of an S because it is a younger way of making a world plural, like lolz.

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