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Invest in Gen Z
Help Build the Future

Credit: TeamLab

Why Gen Z

Our Purpose

Why We Invest in Generation Z


With 2.5 billion members, Gen Z will surpass Millenials to become the most economically powerful generation on Earth. Gen Z will make a profound impact on global markets and will drive innovation in the decades to come.

Number one
Gen Z will earn $40 trillion in annual income by 2031

Generation Z Will Earn $40 Trillion in Annual Income by 2031


We believe companies that align with Gen Z's aspirations for the future will have the greatest capital appreciation.


Generation Z is a socially-conscious generation, focusing on everything from increased sustainability to social welfare. An investment in Gen Z's values means an investment in a better future.

< 0.1%

Increasing Representation

Generation Z aligned investments currently represent less than 0.1% of the total US financial markets. We intend to correct this problem.

Our Vision

Creating the S&P 500 of Our Generation

Generation Z is the generation born after the internet. We invest in innovative companies that align with our values; put simply, we invest in the companies that will define the future. 

Every Generation Has Their Own Index

S&P 500







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